September 28, 2001

ready to race

Got our race tomorrow -- its official name is the World's Hottest Regatta.
Unfortunately, it may live up to the name, since highs tomorrow are predicted to
be around 102. Still, humidity has dropped drastically -- I got a nosebleed this
morning to prove it -- and our nights cool off so much that it takes a while for
the day to get obnoxiously hot. This morning was deliciously cool. So the later
races tomorrow may be a bit too warm, but it shouldn't actually be

And I devoutly hope my four will kick some heavyweight

There is pretty much nothing else new here. I need to work on a
couple book-related projects, I've almost got another beaded embroidery done, and
I still have no new job prospects.

The good news about that last
part is that even if I got an interview tomorrow, I should be able to start late
enough that I will be able to drive to Austin for the Hallowe'en regatta there
with Rudder. He would be driving anyway, since he's got vacation time he needs to
burn, but I think it would suck for him to have to go alone. That regatta, where
we'll be able to connect with Rudder's brother and a lot of our old rowing friends
from Houston, should be a blast.

I need to talk about libraries here
-- maybe I'll do that this afternoon. Stop by later and see.

Posted by dichroic at September 28, 2001 10:59 AM
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