September 26, 2001

same ol' same ol'

Maybe I should just set up a stock diary entry for all the stuff that seems to be
the same every day:

I rowed this morning. I'm
tired. My crew rocks. Coach DI was AWOL again. And he still hasn't done something
he promised to do. What an idiot.

To be labeled
"Stock Entry 1" and taken 3 times a week or as necessary.

The thing
DI was supposed to do was to register all of the entries in the regatta on
Saturday, but if I'd put that in, then the Stock Entry would only be valid for
this week. As it is, I figure it's applicable almost anytime.

anyway, the man hasn't registered us for the regatta, which is being run by the
other local rowing club. And it is, I repeat, on Saturday. Which is -- hello DI? -
- 4 days away. I think the deadline for registration was about 2 weeks ago.
They'll still let us in, because not doing so would seriously diminish the amount
of competition (there are some people coming in from CA, but most of the crews
there will be us and the other club). However, anyone who has ever organized any
sort of sporting event, especially with quite a few different categories, will
know exactly how inconsiderate this is.

I will say that I've just
finished reading Trollope's The Eustace Diamonds and DI's self-absorption
goes a far way toward making Lizzie Eustace more believable.

promised a while back that I'd stop whining about him, didn't I?

On a happier but still rowing-related note, I am psyched for
the upcoming regatta. Yosemite Sam had us (my four, a men's eight, and a
heavyweight women's four) doing 500m race pieces this morning. By all rights, the
other four should have beat us with open water between the boats. Instead, we beat
them every time. And the men's eight was ahead of us, but not all that far ahead.
I knew our boat felt great together, but I did have a few reservations about how
fast we actually were. I don't have them any more.

Still no progress
on the job front, but I did calculate that my saved money will last a good bit
longer than I'd originally thought. It's worrying, though, to read about other
people getting lots of interviews, or href="">Caerula's husband finding a new job within
a couple of weeks of losing his old one, when I'm not getting any

Oh well, onward. The only thing I can do is apply for more
jobs, work on that book proposal, and research my options.

Posted by dichroic at September 26, 2001 04:59 PM
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