September 25, 2001


I don't think I've written much explicitly about the September 11 attack since
that week, and yet in another way, it's been in the background of almost
everything I've written or thought since then. It's colored all of the news,
foreign and domestic, and lurked in the unspoken layer of every conversation.

I wondered, at the time, if it would be like the previous bombing of
the WTC, or Oklahoma City. At the time they occurred there was a lot of talk about
how "this changes everything, and Americans will never feel safe again". We did
feel safe, though. McVeigh's arrest and later his death filled the news reports
and made for a lot of water-cooler conversation, but most American's lives were
not tangibly altered (except, of course, for those whose lives were all too
terribly changed or ended). The WTC bombing did alter some emergency policies in
that area, which may have saved lives this time around, but again, most people's
daily lives didn't change much.

Of course, it's hard to tell while
we're still so close to the initial event, but it looks to me as if this one
actually will have long-reaching consequences. The reserves are called up (and
their mortgage rates lowered, as of an announcement this morning), the Dow has
plummeted, enlistments in the military are up, Bush has at least avoided looking
like a complete idiot, Giuliani has unexpectedly emerged as a real leader, and a
feeling of community has emerged that I hope will have lasting effects. The rest
of the world has shown more sympathy with the US than I can ever remember, Israel
and the Palestinians have both declared a cease-fire (though it is wobbly on both
sides) and even the Japanese have pledged to send troops.

I can't say
the job market has improved any, though.

On a completely different
note, I ran into ExecuRower and DrunkTina at the gym this morning. ExecuRower, at
least, can waste me on an erg....but I am selfishly, shallowly, and thoroughly
glad my thighs don't look like that.

Posted by dichroic at September 25, 2001 04:59 PM
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