September 24, 2001

a not particularly manic Monday

The Dow is up, and so is every stock I look at, except my former employer. How
gratifying. Tough not too much so, since all of the stocks I own are still way,
way below where I bought them. If I do decide to go back to school and enter a
completely different career field, it will not be stock broking. (Stock

Practice got called today. My four was already out on the
water (because we are such coordinated and efficient women) when Yosemite Sam came
roaring over and told us to head back in. A ranger had kicked the other women's
four off the lake for not having sufficient lights (it's still fairly dark at 5
AM). Apparently, our lighting was OK, as was the men's eight, but there weren't
enough flashlights to go around. YSam decided if one crew couldn't row, all of us
couldn't row. That seems reasonably fair to me, since it's a bit of a crapshoot
who ends up with which lights anyway. My only quibble is that we do have a race on
Saturday which we ought to be preparing for. However, he made an executive
decision and I think it is a reasonable one.

There are two things about the situation that leave me furious, however.
For one, we each paid $100 for this two-month session -- they just raised the
rates on us. There were at least 20 people out there today. I'd think that
$2000 would be enough to buy a few more fucking flashlights. And second, DI
(who would be the person who should be making sure our lights are correct) wasn't
even there, and as usual, hadn't given YSam or anyone else notice that he wouldn't
be there. It is not a coincidence that DI can stand for DIckhead as well as Drill

Yesterday, after I wrote my morning entry, I did 5 1000-meter pieces on the erg.
That would be similar to 1 5000 meter piece, except that I stopped for a swig of
water after every thousand. I did break my all time 1000m record, so I wasn't just
being a weenie. (I can report, by the way, that the Judas Priest episode of Behind
the Music is ideal for erging. Interesting enough that I didn't need to flip
channels, not so much that I couldn't concentrate on what I was doing, and with
occasional bits of heavy metal for when I needed to pull really

After that, I was a lot less stir crazy and more willing to hang around doing
normal stuff. So Rudder and I went out to eat -- this was around 1PM, and as it
turned out, our first 3 restaurant choices only serve dinner on Sundays. We ended
up at Pei Wei's Asian Diner, which, it turns out, is owned by P.F. Chang's. The
menu is similar, but unlike Chang's, Pei Wei does seem to have meat and vegetables
in the same dish. After that, we spent some quality naked time together (like href="">Genibee but unlike href="">Natalie). Then
Natalie convinced me to install AIM (my ID is dichroicpb, if anyone cares) and we
spent some time chatting about the look for this book review project idea I swiped
from Mistress Sinister. N's done a
lot of work on it lately, so I need to bone up on Greymatter and then do my share.
I am also going to cruise through some of the other local bead shops, and make the
necklace I was "commissioned" to do Saturday night. I think I'll do matching
earrings too, and ask if she wants those also.

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