September 18, 2001

you don't have to say it again

One effect last week's attacks have had on me is to make me very easily fed up
with repeated words and phrases. Here are some I'm ready to stop hearing now,

  • "horrific"

  • "enormity" (especially when used to mean
  • "I'm not going to (fill in the blank with some normal reaction to being scared and
    sad) because that's exactly what they want." I keep wondering, if we have so many
    people with a telepathic link to bin Laden, why can't we even figure out exactly
    where he's hiding?

  • "I feel like I have to (fill in the blank with something you really want to
    do). It's important, at a time like this, to take care of yourself." This one has
    some truth to it. I worry when I hear about rescue workers not stopping to sleep.
    If they don't stop to recharge, how will they be able to keep going? It's always
    important to appreciate the little joys of life, too, and it's appropriate to
    remind ourselves of that in times of sorrow. But when I hear people who -- like me
    -- have no personal ties to the tragedies using them as a reason why it's one's
    duty to avoid any possible stressful situation, I tend to think it's just an

My reactions to stock phrases and repetitions have become so strong that I've even
had trouble responding to a series of messages yesterday from the women in my
boat, because they were so upbeat and pious -- and in this case, they were being
upbeat because it's a great boat to row in, and were dedicated to the greater god
of the boat because we've really become a true team.

I'm just a
crotchety individualist at heart, I guess.

Posted by dichroic at September 18, 2001 07:12 AM
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