September 17, 2001

stocks and strips

I hope the stock market bounces back today. I don't quite understand the sell-off;
it sounds to me like, "Ohmigawd, price are going down! Sell!" which isn't exactly
the way to make money, as I understand these things. I suppose it's possible
everyone selling was holding short, so they can make money off a down market, but
it seems unlikely that that accounts for all of it. Maybe I'm naive, but I
honestly believed Warren Buffet when he said he sees this as a buying opportunity.

Of course, every stock I buy promptly tanks, so what do I

Coach DI finally videotaped my boat in practice today.
He taped the other boats last week and they viewed their tapes at the beginning of
today's practice. I'm sure it would never have happened if I hadn't organized the
taping, and when I say "organized" I mean said, "Hey, K, could we take you up on
your offer to use your videocamera?" DI's organizational skills are so bad that
everyone was shocked that he remembered to bring candles to Friday's vigil. We
looked all right on tape though. There are still lots of things we can correct, of
course and as always, but generally seeing yourself row is a disillusioning
experience, and it really wasn't this time. We looked solid and together, and as
DI told us, all the things we need to correct are minor.

My carpal
tunnel is feeling like it's too small for its contents, though, so I probably need
to be careful about my wrist position. This only seems to happen when I row
starboard, never on port, so it definitely derives from rowing, and not typing or
other activities.

I'm sorry to see that Lynn Johnston, the author of the
comic strip For Better or For Worse has chosen
to include a general letter of sorrow in place of the usual monthly ones from each
of the Patterson family on her website.

Cartoonists have to be
breaking their hearts right now because since they work 6 weeks in advance, all of
their characters are continuing on their preplotted paths with no reference to
last Tuesday's attack. This isn't much of a problem for some strips -- the Wizard
of Id doesn't know from New York City. And I'd just as soon not see some other
strips' take on it -- it's been a long time since Johnny Hart, the author of BC,
wrote anything I agreed with. But For Better or For Worse has always dealt with
difficult issues with courage and humor.

Michael and Deanna's
wedding in FBOFW has been one of the brighter spots in my past week. Michael, a
young writer, is the character Lynn often uses to think about moral issues and it
would have been fascinating to see his musings on the concurrence of his wedding
and the worst terrorist attack on the continent.

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