October 31, 2001

advent of the sweater season

So the current prognosis is that I will not be in a boat in the San Diego race. A
brief recap: I discussed it with DI, and he wanted me to cox it. Then he sent out
a lineup in which he had Hardcore and someone I'd never heard of listed as
coxswains. Then Hardcore said she would not be going (because if she can't row,
she'd prefer to put her new bathroom floor in) but pointed out that I would be
there. Today, DI told me that he'd put in a junior cox because they have "more
experience", which is crap since a) I was coxing races when some of those kids
were in diapers, literally, and b) I've actually coxed this exact race, which has
a tricky course, last year. So I have sent a note to the other local rowing
program, in which I've had a membership since before there was a lake out here, to
say I am available if they need an extra coxswain or rower. And I've reminded
myself that I am out of this program and away from DI's dickheadedness at the end
of this session, a month or less away.

Meanwhile, in better news, I'm
having lunch today with my old work buddy Home, who has been lucky enough to
survive the recent layoffs at his company. This is a very good thing, because he
loves working there. It's one with a very strong company culture, and people tend
to either love it or hate it. He told me once that he plans to stay there until he
retires, a "love it" if I've ever heard one.

And Queue just told me
she has contacts at one of the companies I talked to yesterday, one where I'd
really like to work. They do small and unmanned satellites. They've got my resume
from yesterday, but I'll send it to her too -- never hurts to explore all the

I need someone to hire me, or better yet, just give me large
sums of money without requiring work in return. Fall always makes me want to buy
new clothes., not that I actually need any.

Oh, and I finished a necklace that will be my sister-un-law's Christmas gift (not
the Evil one, the cool one who lives with my brother). I don't think she reads
this, so I might post a picture, as it's very very pretty. (K, if you read this,
let me know and I'll make you wait [evil grin])

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