November 01, 2001

a whole day ahead

Ahhhh, sloth. This morning I skipped the gym, slept in, and ate actual breakfast
food for breakfast. (Well, ok, it was instant oatmeal. Close enough.) I'm still
wearing a bathrobe, at a time when, if I were working, I would be there already.
Later on, I keep telling myself, I will do 5000m on the erg. That may even be

I have no plans for the day, because yesterday I was so
reckless as to do my librarying and grocery shopping on the same day. Even more
recklessly, I did all this after I had lunch with my old friend Homer and his wife
(Marge? But that doesn't really fit her. Hmmm. I'd change his name to Jimbert --
he sometimes signs emails that way -- so then she, another engineer, could be
Alice, but he occasionally calls me Alice, so that would be too weird.) We ate at
a newly-opened local brewpub, part of a chain, that has a huge menu and even huger
portions. I had a beer with lunch on the principle that it would be immoral not
to, since I don't have to go back to work and so for once I can indulge without

Normally, I spread my errands out so that I have at least one
thing planned to get me out of the house each day. Today, I may be reduced to
going out on purpose only to gas up my truck. I love my truck; it's a little red
four-wheel-drive Toyota pickup that handles beautifully off-road and had good
manners in traffic. However, I don't quite love it enough to make feeding it the
high point of my day. I suppose I will have to either visit a bead store -- I have
a new idea for the charm bracelet I want to make for my mother's birthday -- or
searching for a belt clip for my cell phone. Or both.

Or I could lay
on the couch, read and embroider all day. Or not -- too boring. I won't pack for
this weekend's trip, because I'll have plenty of time for that tomorrow. Or I
could be a very good girl and work on the book project I've neglected for a month,
or ask the local stores to sell my beadwork, or....something.... I'll probably end
up somewhere between the extremes of industry and sloth.

But there's
a whole day ahead of me, and you never know.

Posted by dichroic at November 1, 2001 04:59 PM
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