October 30, 2001

things might could be a'changin'

I think I actually covered most of the major parts of the Austin trip in my last
entry. We did get to see a couple of guys we knew from our old rowing club in
Houston, but not for all that long, since they decided to head home right after
the race.

Apparently, Egret had a small encounter with jealousy on
the flight there. I think it was just because T2 Hatfield is so good for her she
can't believe other women wouldn't all want him. Still, it surprised me a little,
because T2 is one of the most trustworthy guys I know -- possibly not up to
Rudder's level, but who is? Not that I'm biased or anything. I figure, if some
other woman is talking to Rudder, either she's just being nice and I don't have to
worry, or she's hitting on him and I should pity her because I know he's coming
home to me. I don't think Egret has to worry. There used to be far more women than
men in our rowing program, and T2 ended up with her, not any of the rest of

As usual, I'm mad at DI. Not only did he not put me in a boat
for the race in San Diego, but after a whole conversation in which he actually
made me say I wanted to cox that race (generally, people ask it as a favor), he
sent out a lineup that didn't include me. He had Hardcore coxing the women's
eight, though, and I don't think she wants to go if she can't row, so I may end up
in a boat anyway. Or I may be able to row or cox in a pickup boat out there.
However, I have decided not to re-enroll in this rowing program, so now when DI
annoys me, I remind myself it's not for much longer. I'm just tired of dealing
with his shit.

Later this morning, I have to go to another job fair.
Though the prior two were exceedingly lame, I have higher expectations this time
because this one is specifically oriented toward high-tech jobs. There will
actually be companies there that I want to talk to, several of

Meanwhile, I'm supposed to be getting called to set up a phone
interview for the large aerospace company I worked for a couple of years ago. Two
of the worst things, the boredom and the long commute, will be different due to a
different job assignment and a new highway. The cafeteria will still be mediocre,
I'll still have to pay $2.50 a month to drink from the water cooler(!), and
I'll still have a 5-10 minute walk in from the parking lot. On the other hand,
there are people there I want to work with again. The guy I loved sharing an
office with at the last job had previously worked at this other company too, and
is there again now. A friend from my very first job in this state started there
shortly before I left, and is probably still there. And though I'd prefer to be a
contractor rather than an employee, if that's not an option, this company has the
best education benefits I've ever seen, and I've been wanting to start on another

Of course, they haven't even set up the interview yet, so
there's not really much point even considering pros and cons at this point. And
with a lot of luck, I'll end up with other options from today's job fair and will
be able to pick the best one.

All good vibes sent this way will be
much appreciated!

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