October 29, 2001

hey, it's good to be back home again....

We're back from Austin, and after 17 hours driving each way, I'm nowhere near
caught up on reading lists or diaries, and way too tired to do a
comprehensive entry here. Here's the (relatively) short version,

We got to Austin earlier than planned, and got to unload the
boats and take a nap before having dinner with the Rudder's brother and the Evil
Sister-in-Law. ESIL was on her good behavior, though, and was quite pleasant aside
from some fairly nauseating interaction with the dogs (yes, lots of people baby-
talk to and for their dogs, but not constantly). And there was the time she
complimented herself for being so laid back as not to be upset when one of the
dogs ate a pound of barbequed turkey they'd gotten for dinner. Fortunately, they'd
also gotten enough brisket to go around, so that wasn't a major

On Friday, we met up with T2 and Egret and did practice rows.
Saturday was the race -- T2 and Rudder beat everyone else in their race by a good
two minutes. Egret and I came in third of three. Apparently I'm still not quite
well -- it's really better if you can wait until after the race to get dry heaves,
rather than having them during your final sprint. I did manage to keep rowing, but
certainly not at full pressure. Poor Egret had to listen to me, which couldn't
have been pleasant. We got to see the BIL again when he came out to watch, but the
ESIL stayed home because of her "separation anxiety" vis a vis the dogs -- they
were about to leave on a three day cruise.

We were really too tired
for Sixth Street, but had an excellent dinner-and-beer outing to the Bitter End
brewpub and then to the Ginger Man -- Rudder, T2, and I all have fond memories of
its Houston branch. Egret's a baseball fan of almost D's caliber, and talked both
places into putting the World Series on their TVs, so we also got to watch our
Diamondbacks kick some serious Yankee ass.

Rudder and I have spent
the last two days driving home. I'm starving, and this has been a lot more
comprehensive than I expected, so that's all for now.

Except to say
that Mechaieh sent me the
coolest postcard from Boston. I don't have a scanner, but it shows Donald
coxing a exhausted Mickey and Goofy on the Charles.

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