October 23, 2001

what goes down must come up

For some reason, shopping today was totally depressing. Part of it was suddenly
thinking of myself as a housewife in the middle of it (note to people who stay
home on purpose: it may not be depressing in and of itself, but it is when it just
mean that no employer wants you). Part of it was realizing afterward that I now
have about $20 in my checking account (the unemployment check should have been
in today's mail but wasn't). This is not nearly as bad as having only $20
total in the bank, but it is still a minor shock. And the worst part was how
excited I got that my store's frequent shopper card, or whatever they call that
program, had saved me $12. That made me feel like I was turning into my mom, a
chronic and enthusiastic coupon clipper, as if next thing I knew I'd be dying my
hair auburn, driving badly, and living in Northeast Philadelphia.

Fortunately, my bad mood didn't last too long, because right
after I got home, the phone rang, and it was a real life employer! This is only a
first tentative step; next there will be a phone interview and only then a real
one, but still, I feel so much better.

And tomorrow we're off to
Austin, to hang out with new and old friends, row fast, and spend Hallowe'en on
Sixth St. And between here and there I get to spend quality time with Rudder, both
of us conscious and in the same place at the same time. Life is good again.

Posted by dichroic at October 23, 2001 04:59 PM
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