October 20, 2001

what am I, chopped liver?

I'm convinced some of the drugs the nurse practitioner gave me yesterday don't
interact well. There were no warnings in the sample he gave me, so it's hard to
tell. He said the nasal spray was find to take with Nyquil, but there is a
website, and it implies there may be a problem. I'm going to find a pharmacist
later on and ask. The main problem was that I was awake for what felt like half of
last night. Maybe it was just the Sudafed not having worn off yet.

Despite the insomnia, I woke up feeling a bit better. Egret and I
had a good row in the double this morning. I wasn't quite up to doing race pieces,
but we did alternating power tens and twenties for one length of the lake (that
was 10 strokes at full pressure, hard as we could row, 10 at half pressure, 20 at
full, 20 at half, repeat), and then did a short piece at a head race pace just to
see what that would feel like, since we had never done that before. She
overpowered me during the head piece, but I'm blaming that on the virus.

Yosemite Sam told us afterwards that it's just because she's
stronger than I am, but I don't think that's quite it, or at least not usually.
She probably is stronger, but just by a little bit. Where Egret normally outdoes
me is in endurance. Our times for short erg pieces are closer than those for long
erg pieces; she can get in a zone and just go for hours without slackening her
pace, whereas I have almost no natural endurance. I've built some up, of course,
but I think it's far easier for me to build strength and flexibility than
endurance. I've often read that women typically have more endurance than men, and
once again, they forgot to count me.

This is probably on a par with
Land's End lengthening the rise on their pants so that they will fit "real women".
They come up to my neck. If those are for real women, what do they think I am,

Posted by dichroic at October 20, 2001 04:59 PM
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