October 19, 2001

sick report

According to the nurse practitioner, I have both a virus that's going around and
allergies. I don't usually get more than vague snifflies in allergy season (and
even that's only a recent occurrence) but apparently this is the worst allergy
year anyone out here can remember. He did give me some drugs, Sudafed and a nose
spray, and said I should be feeling better in three days or so.

also said strenuous exercise wouldn't hurt anything, so I expect to be out in the
double with Egret tomorrow morning. At least, now that it's fixed I do. Wednesday
at practice, the double and the men's eight collided, putting a hole in the side
of the latter. Yosemite Sam said the eight had the right of way, but that seemed
unlikely, and anyway Rudder and T2 were curious, having encountered a similar
situation in last year's San Diego Fall Classic regatta, so they queried a USRA
official, who confirmed that YSam was wrong. It was a tight turn though, and a
tricky situation, and they could also have stopped -- after all, it was only a
practice race. Rudder and T2 aren't angry at Execurower, who was coxing the eight,
and who and doesn't have much coxing experience.

Meanwhile, Coach DI
said he'd fix the double, at least well enough to race next weekend. He told me in
am email in the middle of yesterday that it would be ready this morning. So of
course the boys get there only to find the job is only half done, and spend the
rest of the practice period finishing fixing their boat. Ugh. DI talks a lot about
honor and integrity, but seems to entirely miss the concept that both pretty much
mean doing the things you say you'll do.

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