October 10, 2001

fifteen minutes of fame

Yesterday I got interviewed by the local newspaper. Apparently someone there is
doing a report on online diaries, and I do have my state listed somewhere so she
was able to track me down. I decided to allow her to use my name in her article,
which will probably be published sometime next month. So now I just hope my rowing
coach doesn't read the newspaper too carefully! However, though I have bitched
about him a lot in here, I don't think any of the criticisms were unwarranted, and
when I knew that there were two sides to an issue, I've tried to show them. He
hasn't done anything especially annoying in the last few days, at

This was a fun interview, because I was able to talk about
what I thought were the important parts of diary-keeping. She asked some good
questions, but also allowed me to run with the bit in my mouth. After all, she can
pick and choose what she wants to include in the final article. But I hope she
keeps one thing I said; I told her that I really think online diaries will become
an important historical record. There are letters and diaries left over, from
people writing about their experiences of older historical events, but they are
neither as copious nor, generally, as detailed as these diaries. Samuel Pepys may
have discussed his wardrobe in as much detail as href="http://kinetix.diaryland.com">Kinetix does, but imagine how much more we
could learn of his milieu if he'd also had a Guestbook. Or a list of favorite
fellow diarists, each writing from a slightly different view of their time and

I was the first diarist this reporter had actually spoken to,
so a lot of her questions were about how easy it is to set up a diary, who reads
them, how I know other diarists, how much I filter what I write about, and so on.
I don't suppose Andrew reads this, so I should probably send him a note about the

I need to stop postponing getting my hair cut. Yes, I save
money by stretching out the time between cuts, by I miss getting to talk to Cool
Salon Guy. Not only do I enjoy that, but he has sources. After all, he
chats to a lot more local people than I do. Yesterday he told me that another
company had moved into an old Motorola plant not far from here and was hiring
"very quietly". I checked their website and sure enough, not only are they hiring,
they're hiring in my field. Fingers are tightly crossed. They're also crossed for
Natalie. I am
not eager to welcome any friends into this club, the Unemployed. I hope she does
figure out what she should be doing and pursue (and nab) a more fulfilling job.
And if she does figure that all out, I hope she tells me how she did it!

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