February 28, 2002

I think this is in accordance with company policy

I have a new computer at work now (literally a new one - a cool black Dell). No
phone yet, but that should come today or tomorrow. So far, it looks like a good
gig. The commute sucks, as anticipated, but the company actually seems to buy in
to what I do, which will be a nice change from fighting uphill battles all

Evil Obo stopped by this morning for a civil chat, so I conclude
he intends to be friendly, or at least professional polite. Either that or he was
collecting data to see if he still hates me, so I tried to be polite and
respectful. Surprisingly, he seems to have kept in touch with several of our
former coworkers, including the manager who let him go. I suspect it was more his
doing than theirs, but I'm still a bit surprised.

This is a rather
large facility. I just got completely lost on the way back from the cafeteria,
despite having found it successfully at least twice in the last few days. St.
Bernards rowing the halls with cask of brandy would be distinctly helpful

I get out early again today, because I have to go be re-drug-
tested. No, I haven't smoked any odd cigarettes. And no, I didn't have a poppy-
seed bagel for breakfast that morning. You know how health experts are always
telling people to drink lots of water? Especially women? Especially in a dry
climate? Well, apparently that's not a great idea right before a drug test.
They’re claiming my sample was "too dilute". Sigh. Apparently I do have a drinking
problem, though just with water. Maybe I should just keep drinking lots, so that
I can keep getting out of work early?

Posted by dichroic at February 28, 2002 04:59 PM
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