March 01, 2002

retrospective, current update, and future hope

I've been a good girl this week, mostly. I rowed Monday, Wednesday and today, and
went to the gym Tuesday, despite all the stress of starting a new job and so on.
Rudder and I slept in and skipped the gym yesterday, a mutual decision. He plans
to go tomorrow to make it up, but I'm not quite that dedicated. Besides, I've been
getting in lots of walking here, between having the cafeteria at the far end of
the facility and getting lost several times.

Today's row was nice --
the water was calm and there's a full moon. If I can reconstitute the wordsmithing
I was doing out there, I may post the results here later. If not, well, shorter
updates may just have to be part of the side-effects of a busier

I can't wait until next weekend when I get my first

Posted by dichroic at March 1, 2002 08:59 AM
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