March 28, 2002

to match or not to match

Here's an interesting dilemma. I've been following this one diary, and every time
I read it, I realize what a perfect match the writer would be for my friend
Gymrat. They're compatible in age, location (more or less), and gender preference.
He doesn't share her consuming passion, but he does understand very well the idea
of consuming passions in general, having what he refers to as an obsessive sort of
personality. They have similar attitudes towards their friends and families. More
than that, they share the same worldview. They would understand each other because
their minds work the same way.

The reason it's a quandary is because
I don't know whether being alike is a good basis for a relationship or not. I
suspect it is for some personalities and isn't for others, and I don't know
whether these two are with the some or the others. But I think I may tell Gymrat
to start reading this diary, and let them figure it out.

I have
tomorrow off from work (yay) though I don't get paid (boo). I'll be spending the
day shopping and cooking, because we're having T2 and Egret over for sort of an
ersatz Seder. "Ersatz" because it will include no Seder service and no Jews but
me. But there will be matzo balls, and maybe even some discussion of the Exodus.
Remembering that is the real point of a Seder, after all.

Posted by dichroic at March 28, 2002 04:59 PM
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