March 28, 2002

Ho for the weekend

I do like Arts and Letters Daily, thankfully
resuscitated after a brief and temporary demise. I'm not interested in every
article they link, or course, but where else can you find the range, from essays
like this
on why full-out attachment parenting is not perfect for everyone, to href=",,7-612909,00.html">this one, on
giving things up for Lent and, a topic I've often addressed here, how regrettable
it is that we seem to be equating physical fitness with moral virtue these days.

(And notice my artful segue in that paragraph, from the theme of
Easter to a story on Lent. Pretty good for a Jewish girl, huh?)

also tend to equate fiscal responsibility with moral fitness, which is probably a
bit closer to the mark. Despite that, my plans for the weekend include copious
amounts of shopping. It's proabaly not the best idea, considering we're off to
Europe in a less than two weeks, but I'm running low on mascara and Body Butter
(the latter is all the 'Bix's fault)
and too many of my shoes are too high heeled to teach in. I'm forced to it, simply
forced. And I still need to consider what else I might need for the trip;
thankfully, I finally remembered to book our cat-sitter last night and visas are
not required.

Sing Ho! for the weekend!

Posted by dichroic at March 28, 2002 04:59 PM
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