March 24, 2002

new car

How bizarre -- I nearly forgot my entry here 2 days in a row. It's been a busy
day, though -- mostly just enjoying Rudder’s company, but I should also mention
that I bought (well, leased) a car. It's a Honda Civic, with gas mileage that will
make my commute a bit more ecologically responsible and handling that should (I
hope) keep it fairly pleasant. It's a bland beige-y sort of color (they call it
Titanium Metallic, but that's just the usual car maker delusions of coolness).
There weren't too many colors to choose from, though, and the others weren't much
better. I will miss being able to see my truck across a parking lot (of course, at
work, first I have to determine that it's not one of the other three dark
red Tacoma trucks, so just seeing it isn't all that much of an accomplishment). I
get to pick the car up tomorrow, after they install a cassette player under the
CD. Yes, I have paid an extra $285 just so I can go one listening to
audiobooks, since the lib has more on tape than on CD. They'd better keep
expanding the collection, is all I have to say. (I didn't really pay it. This
particular car, though new, had been on the lot a while, so I got them to throw it
in. But I would have paid, if I'd had to.)

And why is it that my cat
thinks he can sneak onto my lap while I'm typing on the computer without my
noticing? The fingers may be flying, but the lap is still attached to the rest of
me. It's really very funny to see him attempting to be inconspicuous. He has no
talent for it at all.

Finally, thanks to href="">Natalie for her recommendation of the hilarious
Eyre Affair. How can you not love a book that contains the line, "I'm not
mad, I'm just ...differently moraled"? Or one whose characters have names like
Braxton Hicks (he doesn't seem to contract much, if you're wondering), Thursday
Next (the heroine) and Oswald Mandias (called Ozzy by his friends, I presume)?

Posted by dichroic at March 24, 2002 06:39 PM
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