March 25, 2002


I don't know what to do about rowing. My dues are paid to the club through the end
of this month. After that, I will just be rowing on my own. The problem is that
the boys, Rudder and T2, also want to row singles at least once a week. I could
row their double on that day, but only if I can find a partner to row it with
(Egret's out these days for sort of health reasons). And there's some possibility
of T2 and Egret moving away for a year or so, for his job, in which case Rudder
and I get to fight over the single, unless he can find another partner for the
double. Or we could buy another single. We're leaning toward this option, having
the tax return to do it with, but if we buy a new boat, it takes a couple months
to get it made. Bleah. And to think I've been wanting to row on my own just
because it's less complex than rowing with a group.

Posted by dichroic at March 25, 2002 10:59 AM
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