June 14, 2002


I am way too full or excellent Korean food to feel like writing much. Here, however, is something I've been working on. Ampersand's topic for this month is "Friendly Fire". Having, as always, a literal sort of mind, and no desire even to think of being shot down by one's own side, I chose to take the topic somewhat literally.

I am fire. I am not dog but wolf
I am no simple servant to maintain.
Friend sometimes, yet uncomfortable companion
Who never rests quiescent, never tame.

And yet more full of wild glamourie
For that I am untame. no cage binds flame
No mold imposes shape, no rising spark
Or flicker is repeated, none the same.

I bow sometimes to serve the need of men
Next I rise, holocaustic, to consume
Themselves, their goods, those same homes I had warmed
Uncaring whether I mete boon or doom.

I am what I am; Yahwist in this alone,
I am alike in blazing bush or hearthside glow;
Small matchstruck flame or giant burning sun,
Chancy servant, fickle friend and sometime foe.

As always, subject to copyright by me and subject to further tweaking. Especially that last line. Posted by dichroic at June 14, 2002 02:01 PM
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