June 13, 2002


My fuzzy brain today may be accounted for by dinner and Mmmmm....beeeerr... with
former coworker and friend Homer and his wife (I think I may have nommed her
Alice, as in Dilbert, since she's certainly not a Marge). It was good to see them,
since it's been a while. Oddly, though, Rudder always turned into a different
person around those two. He liked them, and I don't think they make him
uncomfortable, but he laughs and talks a little too loud, and talks about his/our
travels a little too much, as if he's trying to one-up them. Not sure why, as he
doesn't do that with most people and they're not the snooty or bragging sort you'd
expect to bring out that behavior. In fact, if they were, he wouldn't do it; he
just wouldn't bother with them. Maybe it's just because we like them and he
doesn't know them as well? I, on the other hand, just become susceptible to peer
pressure, which is why we ended up after dinner at the Cold Stone ice creamery
across from the brewpub. (Our new mall has all it's best restaurants conveniently
located around a fountain courtyard in back.)

Doing weights today
after the strength work in the boat yesterday turned out not to be a good idea. My
body wasn't really whining or complaining; I can work though that. (Well,
sometimes I cave.) Today it just said, "No." Very definitely, not argumentative,
but firm -- my legs just were not going to be doing squats at full force today. I
listen when my body gets like that, on the theory that skimping on one workout
will harm me less than getting burned out and chucking the whole thing. Also,
everything I've ever read on the subject says that for optimum results, your
muscles need to rest for a couple of days after a strength

On the other hand, I was already at the gym by then. So we
compromised, the mind and the body. I finished out the squats, did a light set of
inclined leg press, some calf raises (my calves weren't as fatigued from
yesterday) and added more abs exercises than I usually do.

Then I did
the indecision mambo. Don't laugh at me, you all know the steps. After doing my
stretches, I went to the locker room to shower, but realized I'd left some stuff
in the car. I carry my bag of toiletries into work with me, because they're prone
to melt or explode if left in the car in summer, so I'm always forgetting to shift
them back into my gym bag. The locker rooms are at the end of the gym farthest
from the exit. I started to trek all the way back through the gym to my car. Mid-
way there, I realized I was tired and not feeling great (from last night's ice
cream, probably) and I could just go home instead, and work from home for a couple
hours, as long as I got to the office in time for a 10AM meeting. I turned and
headed back to the locker room to get the stuff I had left there. After I'd taken
ten steps or so, though, I realized I needed to talk to someone before that
meeting. So it was back to the locker room to shower and off to work after

Oh, but there is a bit of good news -- I found my logbook. It's
been missing about a week and it contains records of all my erg pieces for 2002 to
date, so losing it would suck muchly. I found it at the very back of the top shelf
of a gym locker -- lucky I usually use the same one. Just another example of how
the world is not designed for small people. One of these days, me and all of the
kids are going on strike until the rest of you make things to fit us. Yes, I can
fairly be called child-sized. I didn't buy a bikini in abercrombie the other day
(Abercrombie & Fitch's kid's store) because it was too big in the butt.

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