July 31, 2002

Where have all the peace accords gone?

Still sick (diagnosis: minor sinus infection) but I'm trusting to a pocket full of
non-prescriptions to get me through the workday. Though I'm not sure why I seem to
be so convinced they'll do me good from there in my pocket, as I've only actually
ingested a single Sudafed Sinus caplet.

Pause. Swallow. Make that two
Sudafed Sinus caplets.

By my usual standards, I've been indulging in
an orgy of drug use; when I woke up at 2AM, I actually got up and took a
second dose of Nyquil, it being over six hours since the first dose. Yep,
I'm a wild woman when I'm sick. Don't get between me and my Nyquil.

don't imagine anyone else is particularly enjoying my presence at work either, as
I've been blowing my nose all day. (I was going to get slightly more graphic here,
but in the interest of having anyone ever come back to read this page, I'll spare
the details. Anyway, you've all been there.)

Last night I was trying
to rewrite Tommy Sands' powerful song, There Were Roses to fit the
situation in Israel, while simultaneously chatting to a couple of people from my
List. I figured the Irish didn't need the song any more as they finally, after
three hundred years, seemed to have things under control. Regrettably, I was
informed by the British gentleman in the chat that the number of attacks and
beatings in Northern Ireland has risen dramatically, and that bombs are expected
any day. (Which is still more "under control" than the pitiful state of things in
Israel, na'theless.) My first thought is that I hope Egret and T2, outside Dublin,
won't be affected. My second, though, is not from Tommy Makem but from another
peace warrior, Pete Seeger:

"When will they ever learn? When will
they ever learn?"

Posted by dichroic at July 31, 2002 04:59 PM
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