July 22, 2002

a little verseleh

This will have to make up for the entry I didn't get around to yesterday (so much for the perfect record. The appropriately-nommed Mechaieh is leaving today, so:

Mechaieh is an easy guest --
She doesn't need her clothing pressed --
She's not the sort who causes stress.

She likes to eat the food we cook --
She compliments the way I look --
She's happy just to read a book.

She really did enjoy our pool --
Her music tastes are very cool --
She should run a guesting school.

She falls in well with all our plans --
She washes her own pots and pans --
Yes, we're both big Mechaieh fans.

May or may not have time for an entry later but if so it will probably just be about changes to my gym program. Posted by dichroic at July 22, 2002 07:33 AM
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