July 20, 2002

the inconvenient Icks

Up at the property today, to clear out more of the low branches of the pines and
junipers. We didn't make Mechaieh
wield a saw, though; seems a bit much to ask of a guest. Unfortunately right as
we were heading out to drop off the second load at the brush pit, I started
feeling twinges of Unhappy Gut and spent the next two hours in the lodge, near
it's facilities, to my embarrassment. *sigh* The gracious and debonair host,
that's me. Fortunately she's a fairly undemanding guest, and Rudder is used to me
and my crotchets.

I did try to atone when we got home (I was feeling
a bit better after the two hours' drive) with beer-steamed shrimp, corn on the
cob, asparagus, and tomato-and-bread salad. Grapes for desert just to set the seal
on summer.

Posted by dichroic at July 20, 2002 04:59 PM
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