August 28, 2002

It's my face and I'll frown if I want to

I'm having a bit of a case of "my sport is harder than your sport". After this
morning's slightly short but intense interval workout (well after, what with the
necessary shower, dress, and driving activites) I decided coffee, though of the
wussy decaf variety, and sugar were required. As I schlepped my weary body down to
the little cooffee bar on the floor below, I passed two leads who were talking in
the hallway. They looked at me and said "Smile!"

I ^%*& hate when
people tell me to smile.

I told them, "It's my face, anyway!" though
I did smile as I said it (wouldn't have, but I like these people otherwise). The
woman pointed out, "But we have to look at it!" Point to her.

Then I
pulled out my ace in the hole. "If you had rowed before work this morning you
wouldn't be all that bouncy either." One said, "I ran this morning," and the
other, "I used the NordicTrack. I even got up at 5 to do it."

humph. I got up at four, but the point is rowing is harder than what they
did anyway. Unfortunately I can't really go off and explain that, for a variety
of reasons. First and foremost, I'd look like an idiot and a snob. Second, I don't
think I could run two miles if I tried. Third, cross country skiing (and thus the
NordicTrack) actually is one of the few things that burns as many calories as
rowing. And fourth, as anyone who's still reading will be thinking now, nobody
cares. But dammit, I still bet my workout was harder than theirs.

Sigh. The things I put up with for my sport.

In other
news, I have an errand to run at lunchtime and a 12:30, so this needs to be a
short entry. Bye!

Posted by dichroic at August 28, 2002 11:54 AM
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