August 27, 2002

confuddling the cats

I think Rudder and I managed to thoroughly confuse the fuzzballs this morning. He
left the gym a bit before I did. I went off to the locker room as usual, showered,
started to dress .... and only then realized I'd forgotten a couple of small but
important items. One was especially important because I'd brought a lightweight
white sweater to wear to work. I was hoping to make due (read: go commando), but
when I tried on the top it was distressingly apparent that there was nothing under
it. (Yes, the locker room was a bit cool.) So I had to run back home to redress
the error, or rather re-dress myself. As I opened the door from the garage, the
older cat, who usually doesn't bother, was right there to check who I was. When I
got upstairs, I realized Rudder had been home to shower. I must have just missed
him. Usually, he does that at work, but will sometimes go home if he's got a bit
of extra time. So no wonder the fuzzballs looked confused; they're used to having
the place to themselves all day. They must have wondered why they had so much

Because he showers at work and has a locker there, Rudder
can keep an extra change of underwear and pair of shoes there for jus such an
emergency. Because gym lockers are not permanently assigned, I can't. But the
saddest part of all is that I've only just realized that yes, I could keep spare
lingerie in my gymbag -- after all, it doesn't take up much space -- or even in
the trunk of my car. On eof the regulars at the gym who does carry spares and who
is about my size offered to loan me a bra, but that just felt too weird. There are
some items you just can't share. (I think she may have been relieved when I turned
her down politely.)

The other sad thing is that when I started
writing this, I thought I've have a nice entry on cats, for once, instead of my
usual three B's (boats, books, bras). Clearly I'm in a rut.

Posted by dichroic at August 27, 2002 12:26 PM
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