August 11, 2002


Yeah, VIn Diesel's kind of hot. At least some of the time. We really liked his
movie, mostly because the special effects are dope (Diesel's word). And though
it's not the sort of thing you go see for the plot, at least it doesn't have the
sort of plot holes and logic gaps you could drive a small submarine through, like
90% of action movies built on the same lines. Also, unlike James Bond, Diesel's
character actually has a reason for knowing how to do all the stuff he can do. And
I kind of liked it that he kept having to rescued by a girl, and sometimes by his
boss. And finally, though I wished he'd used a rope in the rock climbing scene,
neither it nor any of the other stunts had the physical impossibility of the
climbing scene in Mission Impossible. At least, not that I could spot, and I've
done most of those things, at least once, at last in a weenie kind of

But yesterday's href="">question on hotness still
remains, and I really want to know your opinion. Speak to me!

Posted by dichroic at August 11, 2002 06:48 PM
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