August 10, 2002

an analysis of hot-itude

Spent another nice day up north, breathing clean air and cutting off low-hanging
branches, with the result that my arms and legs appear to have had close
encounters with a briar patch. Rudder asks me to relay that he does not
perform hoedowns in the truck bed, to crush down a load of brush and make room for
more, as Mechaieh once
, but rather something more in the nature of an Indian tribal dance.
(What the hell, he's got ancestors who performed both kinds of dances, though
probably more hoedown-types than tribal-types in the pedigree.) However, he didn't
take it kindly when I started chanting "Hey-ya, hey-ya-yo" as he stomped.
Something about what the neighbors would think.

On the way back, we
were discussing going out tomorrow to see XXX, and I said that I hadn't decided
yet if Vin Diesel is hot ot icky -- he sort of straddles the line. That led to a
discussion of the meaning of the word "hot"; Rudder claimed it denoted strictly
physical attractiveness, while I maintained it's a measure of fuckability, which
is not entirely based on appearance. We debated if Sean Connery and Harrison Ford
could be called hot, since at this point in their careers, their appeal is
certainly not all physical. (Actually, Connery's a bit aged for my taste, though
his character in that recent movie where he played a master cat burglar was
definitely beddable.) So, readers, if any of you there are, what do you think? If
hotness purely a visual physical thing, or does it encompass other things like
pheromones and maybe even personality?

I wouldn't be surprised if
this one splits across gender lines.

Posted by dichroic at August 10, 2002 04:59 PM
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