August 08, 2002

the Quest

Speaking of food, I was starving by lunchtime today, which makes sense
since I probably burned more calories this morning than I had in two weeks. Aside
form the cough and a residual hoarseness, I think I'm officially Better. (Q.
Better than what? A. Never you mind, missy.)

You know what sucks?
What sucks is that, though E.Nesbit's The Treasure-Seekers and its sequel,
The Wouldbegoods are easily available, the third book in the series, The
New Treasure-Seekers
is neither in print nor available online. There are
several copies listed on Bookfinder, but that
seems hardly sporting, the Great Book Hunt that is my life. (Coming across a find
in a used bookshop is a thrill; looking on out on the Internet seems too

On the other hand, that sort of thinking once lost me a copy
of Polly Learns to Fly, part of Lillian Elizabeth Roy's Polly of Pebbly Pit
series, circe 1921. For one brief moment, Bookfinder admitted its existence, in a
solitary copy. Neither Amazon nor Powell's lists it even as Out of Print. Not only
do I like the series and own some other volumes, but I'd absolutely love to have a
book about a girl learning to fly in the 1920s for my flying shelf and as a
companion to Betty Cavanna's Girls Can Dream, Too! in which a high school
girls wins a contest and gets flying lessons in the late 1940s. Still, it's
pleasant to have a quest. Someday a copy will turn up, and in the meantime I have
that as an excuse (as if!) for plundering used book stores.

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