August 09, 2002

girls who spit

If I haven't mentioned it already, on Wednesday I had an internal interview. If I
get selected, I'd be trained to be a local lead in a big company-wide program. I'd
be working on it anyway, but if I get this I'll have better training and
resources, and maybe be groomed a little for future leadership roles. (Why does
that sounds so icky written out like that?) I think it went well, because they
scheduled me for another interview first thing Monday morning (eek), this time
with even bigger wigs including a VP (eek again). Anyway.

morning I got to work, fumbled in my backpack, and failed to find my badge. I
happened to get here early this morning, about 7:05. I couldn't get to the North
building, where I work, in my regular door so I walked around to the nearest
lobby, only to find a sign saying it would open at 7:30. Next I walked west and
then south all the way around the buiding, and the next building, past several
other lobbies whose doors opened only to those armed with the magnetic-encoded
badges. I thought I would be able to get in at a lobby near the the south-west
corner of the complex, where I had been sent the day I first started this job.
Wrong again; that lobby isn't opened until 7:45. By that time, I probably could
have walked back and gotten to the North lobby just as it opened, but not thinking
that creatively, I buttonholed a passing stranger, explained that it was my first
time forgetting a badge, and asked where to go. He directed me to the guard shack
on the south side of the building. I walked around there, getting hot by then
(they're very large buildings) and I had been tired before I started the
trek, from my gym workout. By now I was going through a relatively empty parking
area, away from most of the people coming to work.

About then, I had
another bout of the cough I'm not quite over. Afterward, I, well, I spit ... and
just then, I saw one of the people I had interviewed with, the one whom I suspect
will have most influence on that decision. She waved and smiled and called over to
me, so I'm sure it was her. She was 30 feet away or so and she was on the opposite
side, so I'm hoping she didn't see. I feel so uncouth. ANd I was trying so hard
not to snorfle during the interview too.

By the time I got the
temp badge and got to my desk it was about 7:35. I figure I had walked a mile or
more. And of course, an hour later I was looking for something else in my backpack
and found what was was apparently the one pocket I had missed looking in before,
completely with badge. Dammit.

Posted by dichroic at August 9, 2002 04:59 PM
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