September 27, 2002

hey, you in that hat!

D-backs game last night. I'm glad to say they beat the Rockies, ending a six-game
skid. I kept thinking how some faces just don't look right in game uniforms;
watching Randy Johnson pitch to another guy whose face belongs to a man rather
than a boy, I kept picturing where those faces belonged. Randy, whose baseball
skills are amazing but whose face looks better from the higher sections, always
makes me think o a guy out of a Zane Grey novel. Other players looked like
everything from truck drivers to movie stars -- and at least a few looked right
under the duck-billed cap.

Last bit of training today. Then I'm
running over to the office to try to get done everything I'd normally have done
this whole week!

Posted by dichroic at September 27, 2002 04:59 PM
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