September 25, 2002

anyone got some spare hours to send over??

Arrgggh! No time, no time, no time!!!

Rudder comes home late tonight
from a one-day business trip, so I'm resigned to interrupted sleep. And I promised
to help someone set up his new boat tomorrow. And my team in this training class
wants to stay late tomorrow to work on an assignment. And despite being closer to
home I still don't get home any earlier because training always runs late. And we
have tickets to a Diamondbakcs game tomorrow. (In a suite, thanks to Rudder's
company - yay!) And we're having company Friday and Saturday nights, a college
friend of Rudder's I don't know well.

Did I say

Oh, yes, and today's TMI tidbit is that all my intestinal
flora appears to have committed mass suicide. In green.

Posted by dichroic at September 25, 2002 06:50 PM
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