September 15, 2002

various odd feelings

What a weird feeling. I walked in here earlier and Rudder had an old Dichroic
entry up. He was looking at my Alaska summary while trying to index our photos
from the trip. I had told him long ago that he could read this diary if he wanted
(actually when I started it and we were nearly 3000 miles apart, I though he ought
to). We've discussed various things I've written and he was the one who suggested
his own pseudonym. I meant it when I said he could read it, too, but as far as I
know he's never actually done it before. I didn't even know he knew how to search
through it. ("I just clicked on the link, went to the archives page, got the
appropriate month, and opened the one called "Alaska Summary". OK, it's not rocket
science - and he's perfectly capable of handling rocket

Also odd is that I was in the mood to go out somewhere nice
for dinner tonight, but Olive Garden somehow sounds appealing. It may not be haute
cuisine, or even Italiano autentico (and that probably isn't real Italian either;
I'm just guessing) but their food always tastes good, and I always enjoy myself on
our infrequent visits there. Maybe it's the generous carafes of

Tomorrow I will read and read, possibly meet Rudder for luch,
listen to music, and maybe even embroider a bit. If I finally get T2's name
stitched onto my tablecloth (it's been a veryvery long time) I can take it with me
when me meet Mechaieh for dinner this week, to get the signature we discussed but
later forgot when she was here last.

Posted by dichroic at September 15, 2002 02:46 PM
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