December 06, 2004

spawning ideas

Given that I went back to bed and slept for two or three hours this morning, and that napping during the day is something I generally can't do unless I'm sick or exhausted, I think staying home from work was the right decision.

Since waking up for the second time I haven't done anything more athletic than knitting and reading (oh, and I made another snowflake ornament). I also got around to reading Stitch and Bitch Nation, having previously only looked at the patterns, and of course it gave me ideas. So far the tally is one good and one bad idea. Good idea: Trying out lace patterns by knitting coasters, the only thing in the world that should be quicker than dishrags. (At least I think that will be a good idea; I haven't started yet because...) Bad idea: threading beads on ribbon yarn. Way too much work because the beads had to be forced on (I used a beading needle and loop of thread to get them started) and a quarter of the beads wouldn't go on at all - there's a lot of variation in inner diameter. Still, they should look nice on the coasters, assuming the coasters look nice at all.

Next question: would a set of four handmade knitted beaded coasters be acceptable for a present exchange? I have one for a party on Saturday and it's supposed to be $15-20 value. I liked the idea of something handmade but not gender-limited (not too many men of my acquaintance wear fuzzy scarves, though I have known a few who might).

Posted by dichroic at December 6, 2004 05:45 PM

Gads, yer blogging! But it's lovely and right, and as cool as ever. Naw, the big Maryland fire wasn't us, you might have heard me cheering that one on had it occured at the City, in a matter of speaking. A very, very happy Chanukah for you and the family, and thanks for thinking of us.

Posted by: outfoxed at December 7, 2004 06:10 PM
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