December 07, 2004

forgetterizing madly

Chanukah begins tonight. There are at least two posts (well, one real one, one with lyrics) that I've been waiting for this holiday to post. I'd better start writing.

This Holiday Challenge - or something - is leaving me very tired. Yesterday I stayed home from work just from exhaustion, and yet I felt good Sunday until I did the 75-minute piece. (It was a new personal record, did I mention? Or rather, within it I set a new record for distance in 60 minutes.) I was tired again this morning but I think it was just from this morning's erging, not a cumulative thing. Rudder and I had a long discussion last night; he's contemplating scaling way back on training after the World Masters Games this summer, but isn't sure what he'll do instead. He needs to have a project, preferably with lots of activity involved or as he says, he's neither happy or healthy. I only the other hand can be perfectly content with sedentary pursuits (reading, knitting, beadwork) punctuated by activity, instead of constant activity. I'm still not convinced about blood-type-based diets, but that book was frighteningly accurate about the type of exercise we each see to need.

Unfortunately, when I'm tired I also get stupid. For instance I realized today what went wrong with the coaster I was knitting (and then frogging) last night: five repeats of a three-stitch pattern plus two plain stitches on either side does not add up to seventeen stitches. I can fix that though; what's much worse is that I can't find the beautiful dichroic glass barrette I bought Saturday. I know I was looking at it yesterday and I'm hoping I didn't absent-mindedly throw it away. It'll probably turn up in the refrigerator or someplace similarly unlikely. I couldn't find the shirt I wanted to wear this morning either. How do you mislay an entire corduroy shirt? I don't even think I've worn it so far this year. I wonder if I ripped it last year and threw it away. Maybe it's eloped with my barrette?

Speaking of dichroic glass, since my new job isn't oo far from a large bead wholesale sort of place, I've been meaning to go and today I nipped over at lunch. I hadn't been there for a year or more and it turns out they're now selling beautiful dichroic beads at a bulk price, $1 / gram. I see more dichroic earrings in my near future - I feel like I should recall a beadwork gift I mailed out a couple of days ago, just so I could redo it with my signature glass. Oh well, too late, and it came out well anyway with the beads I did use.

Another thing I forgot: to take pictures of the things I mailed this weekend so I could post pictures here of my finished objects later, after the recipient sees them. Oh well again. My forgetterer is going at full speed these days.

One more thing I've been forgetting:

Thankful for: Chanukah starts tonight, reminding me that we Jews are still here. From Haman to Herod to Hitler, there were a lot of people who tried to make sure that either I - me personally, this affects the person living in this head, it's not just ancient history -- didn't exist at all, or that I wasn't Jewish, in which case if I existed (and would all my ancestors have married the same people, given a wider pool to choose from?) I would certainly be a different person in many respects. That's pretty amazing, that I am here despite them all. Glad to be here, even if I was clearly brainwashed in all those Hebrew School years.

Holiday Challenge: About 110000 m left to go.

Posted by dichroic at December 7, 2004 03:06 PM

OK - I am requesting picutes of your knitting progress... come on - don't leave me in the dark here... post pictures chica!

Posted by: Alison at December 7, 2004 10:57 PM
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