December 08, 2004


Not even 8AM and I am already not having a good day.

My Dad's still got health issues. The purely physical stuff is better but he's also bipolar (though it's usually held in check with maintenance meds) and is in a manic episode. Ever talked to someone who was clinically manic? It might be amusing IF it were someone you didn't know and you didn't care what sort of trouble they got into. Not so much in this case. It seems to be a relatively minor episode (he's not planning any get-rich-quick schemes) but he keeps calling to try to get me to help convince Mom they should buy a new car, and his is only a year old. At least he wants a Honda Civic Hybrid, not a Lexus.

My husband's got this itchy spot on his face and scalp - I can't see anything there to cause it but it's been keeping him awake and it's infuriating enough to make him go see a doctor (he generally only goes for serious things). My guess is spider bite - I'm hoping they can give him something to numb it.

And early this morning I had a small accident. No, not in a car, in an airplane. We were on the ground at the time (fortunately), taxiiing out. It was dark, there was no taxi line painted on the ground, and we clipped the wingtip of a parked airplane. Sigh. There was no danger or injury, at least. I couldn't see any damage to the Cessna I was in; the other one (also a Cessna 172) will need a wingtip (a small separate part) replaced. With luck that will be all the repairs necessary.

Nope, not a good day. I suppose this could all be worse. Hopefully the appropriate people / airplane doctors will be able to fix things fairly easily in all three cases.

Posted by dichroic at December 8, 2004 08:11 AM
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