April 20, 2001


Off to Orlando next week, and looking forward to it, for several reasons. After the whole Tundra trip, I told myself I wouldnít travel again for this company, but this is only for a few days, so I donít think any hardship is involved. Besides, when I made that promise to myself, I forgot to reckon with the fact that I actually like traveling.

Leaving the whole Disney aspect aside, I do expect the work part of this trip to both interesting and educational. I hope to come back with some ideas I can use here, as well as some advice as to how to put them in play.

(Note to cynics: no sarcasm was involved in the creation of the above paragraph.)

After work though.....since I wonít get to see a Shuttle launch, I think the thing Iím looking forwad to most is the fireworks. I love fireworks, and, due to our habit of being out camping int he back of beyond on major fireworks holidays, havenít gotten to see many lately. Last July 4, we watched them from several miles away, from a loft windowseat, due to the combination of too many relatives to mobilize easily and cousins with very bad asthma. My hotel isnít all that far from Disney, so Iím hoping that Iíll be able to see their display without having to pay vast sums of money to enter the park.

I might pay those vast sums one evening, though. Iíve never been to Disney World; the Ďrents arenít much for travel, and by the time I was old enough to go on my own, I had realized that I dislike crowds and long lines far too much to pay to experience them. I do like rides, though, and this time of year should be a nice blend of "warm but not hot" and "spring vacationís done but kids are still in school". There will be lines, of course, but maybe theyíll be relatively short. Anyway, Epcot has always sounded interesting.

Maybe Iíll get ambitious and go see Cirque du Soleil. Hell, as long as Iím away from home and getting to stay up late, maybe Iíll go check out the bars. Maybe Iíll go to a gay bar; Iíve never been to one and it might be less uncomfortable than being alone among a bunch of hetero men. Or maybe not. Or maybe, like most things, each one is different. Iím reliably informed, also, that Orlando has great titty bars (sorry, but thatís what they call them in Houston, which is also known for them), but I refuse to go to one on this trip. Not that Iím not curious, just that I donít want to go without T. If Iím going to go watch a bunch of other women who can dance and dress sexier than I can (without getting laughed at) I want to be able to enjoy the aftereffects.

I wonder if I can hook up with a rowing club in Orlando? I havenít been back into it for long enough to want a vacation. My hotel has "two state of the art fitness centers" (why two?), but I donít care how many mirrors and SOTA machines you have, there is no workout like rowing. (I can see Phelps cringing at that comma, but nothing else fit there.)

There was something else I wanted to write about here. Maybe if I remember it, Iíll use it tomorrow. Thereís a nice lazy weekend between me and Florida....

Posted by dichroic at April 20, 2001 04:31 PM
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