April 21, 2001

laptops, butter, and salt

After spending part of today looking at laptops, Iíve come to a conclusion: the prices never really drop all that drastically. Iíve considered buying one a few times in the last few years, and ended up with the same price range each time. Of course the explanation is simple: that same figure would have bought me 100Mhz, 400MHz, or, now 800MHz at the time of shopping. On the other hand, the necessary software takes up more and more space, so buying the speed of two years back isnít really an option.

Since the machine Iím typing this on is about 6 years old, I think Iím about due for a replacement. Actually, the one Iím on now was about three times what Iím looking at spending this time, by the time we bought the printer, Photoshop, etc, so itís not really true that prices donít go down. This one was fairly expensive for that time, though -- and Macs have generally cost more.

Other than that, Iím taking advantage of a lazy and stormy Saturday to indulge in two of lifeís pleasures: popcorn with salt and butter (NOT margarine) and, for once, enough time to read. I think todayís dinner may even feature real cooking, albeit of the simplest sort.

Posted by dichroic at April 21, 2001 02:31 PM
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