April 26, 2001

packing and journaling

Packing, not one of lifeís more enjoyable activities. Complicated by the fact that the conference provided one (more) backpack filled with four (heavy) volumes containing all the presentations. I could toss them, but Iíd hate myself afterward -- these sessions have been extremely useful. Not to mention all the other handouts Iíve picked up and the notes Iíve taken (on the notepads the hotel provides). Plus the present for T. At least Iíve managed to resist the "fishbowls" full of glass fish hanging from floating transparent glass bubbles. They were actually very cool, as well as reasonably priced, but I was afraid of coming home and finding little glass shards interspersed throughout my clothing.

Packing is also complicated by the fact that my bathing suit is wet, and anyway Iím still wearing it, in expectation of a post-packing visit to the hot tub, which of course could come about sooner if I were actually packing instead of writing here.

Which raises an odd point. As you may have noticed, I often post two or three times a day. I guess I just like to Ďtalkí....and this way, people can choose whether or not to Ďlistení. So why is it that I have to force myself to update, in longhand, the trip journal Iíve now been keeping for about four years? I finally got it caught up on the plane out here -- never touched it while in Massachusetts, even though Iíd brought it along for just that purpose. Granted, longhand is a bit more work than typing, but I donít understand why it should be so much of a chore, when Iím always finding myself writing here even when I should be doing other things. The trip journal has a bit of a different flavor than this; it dwells more on details of travel that I might want to know later, and a bit on stories I want to remember, but is generally a bit drier just because of the work of writing by hand. Even so, our month-long trip to Australia and New Zealand (Dec. 1998-Jan 1999) ran over 50 pages. On that trip I was good about updating as we went or the whole trip would have been crammed into 5 pages.

Oh well. Off to pack. Really.

Posted by dichroic at April 26, 2001 07:31 PM
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