April 26, 2001

online, oddly enough

As Iím on the road for work, Iím dialing in through our corporate account. Apparently our ISP sold our accounts to Mindspring, who can only be an improvement, as far as Iím concerned. The funny thing about this is that Iím not supposed to be able to log in today. Maybe itís payback for all of yesterday when I was supposed to be able to log in and couldnít?

Off to shower and conference. Iím having a hard time getting to bed early enough to get enough sleep that I can get up early enough to work out, but Epcot was worth it. (On a not entirely unrelated note, a recent article in the Vocabula Review says repetition is allowable, citing Winston Churchillís "We shall never surrender" speech as a shining example.)

Posted by dichroic at April 26, 2001 08:31 AM
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