May 05, 2001

Long Beach, day before regatta

Iím currently in Long Beach CA, for a regatta -- T is racing, not me. His quad is the only boat entered from our club, so there arenít too many people for me to hang around with while theyíre on the water.

Unfortunately, the race is scheduled on Sunday instead of Saturday, presumably because some other event was using the marine stadium today. Long Beach has a great course, but seems to have some organization problems. Thereís a juniorsí race in the morning, which is supposed to be over at 11, but all of the locals sound convinced that itíll probably wind up around one. Which means that the menís quadís 3PM race will probably not be over until 5, at which point weíll have to drive the 6 hours back home. Sigh. Maybe Iíll row Tuesday instead of Monday.

Posted by dichroic at May 5, 2001 05:31 PM
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