May 06, 2001

Cast List

Whoís Who

Rudder: my husband. Life-partner is a truer description. Known as T in early entries.

At rowing:

T2 Hatfield: Tís rowing partner. Egretís husband. Occasional triathlete. Now parents of AR and OG.

Egret: lightweight rower, distance runner, and T2ís wife. Now parents of AR and OG.

Oldtimer: rows with both city and club.

Hardcore: lightweight rower. My size but made of whipcord and barbed wire, has four kids (one of whom also rowed for a bit), tattoos, and piercings.

Queue: former local rower/coach, now off in Connecticut.

She-Hulk: not really hulking at all, but was the only non-lightweight in a competitive Womenís Four, with me, Egret, Hardcore, and another lightweight.

The Judge, OregonCoach, ErgChamp, BinerTat: Various other rowers. Unknown Legend: the woman at the city who runs the program. Named for the Neil Young song.

Dr. Bosun: rows for the club program, doees a little coaching, and fixes all the club boats. Liked by everyone, me included.

AussieCoach: coaches the clubís morning competitive masters program, or at least thatís the theory.

Yosemite Sam: coach who works with the city Mastersí Competitive rowing group.

Coach Di: former head coach for my rowing program. Knows rowing, but no organizational skills. Now running a juniors program.


Evilena: diarist, list moderator, budding nonprofit administrator (I bet) and stitcher extraordinaire

Mechaieh: diarist, fellow Wimseyphile, and poet

She who was once Phelps: diarist, writer, mother, educational crusader. Extremely sane despite her Melville addiction.

Caerula: diarist, list moderator, quilter, stepmom and Mom-to-be someday

Genibee:diarist, list member, and art historian

Mistress Sinister: supervillainness and playwright extraordinaire


Gymrat: my best friend from college. Not from Israel, but fits the description of \"sabra\".

My Brother the Writer: what I said.

Homer: another former coworker.

Lcubed:College friend and boyfriend, in that order. One of the first people to give me the ideas there were Other Ways to Live than the one Iíd grown up with.

Alice: as in Dilbert. Homerís wife, but definitely not a Marge.

Harpman and Lo J: friends from way back. I used to babysit their kids and they helped me survive the usual trauma of adolescence with my sanity (such as it is) intact.

College Roommate: one of the few people Iíd regard as intimidatingly smart, but fortunately she uses her powers to do Good. Now mother of Perfect Baby (just ask her).

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