May 09, 2001


Notoriety has hit. Iíve been mentioned in Badsnakeís journal.

Iíve also gotten another Google hit; this one was for "Episcopalian wedding readings". Which leaves me wondering which of my readers would be more confused: the engaged Episcopalian or the person looking for the local sex-toy shop? Hell, maybe itís the same person, planning for the honeymoon after the Episcopalian wedding.

So hereís my take on both: yes, the Castle is fairly clean and not too sleazy, and you do see both men and women there, not to mention some extremely amusing windup toys. And for the wedding, I implore you, skip the overdone Corinthians bit. If you want Shakespeare, admit some impediments to the marriage of true minds and find a less-known sonnet -- preferably, one that admits that love can change and grow. (I like "My mistressí eyes are nothing like the sun", but that may be too realistic for the idealism of a wedding.) Or use something of Donneís. (I like "Busy old fool, unruly sun", but saying that you didnít want to get out of bed to be there, on your wedding day, is probably not the best way to make pleasant memories for the distant relatives.)

To come back full circle: I thought of mentioning the correspondence between Badsnakeís descriptions and coxing a race to some of the other rowers, but somehow, itís not the easiest conversation to start at 5 AM ("Hey, everybody, I was reading this polyamorous lesbianís journal and she was writing about why she likes whips and handcuffs, and you know, itís just like what we do!" Pause to define "polyamorous".)

Actually, almost no conversation is easy to start at 5AM, except those revolving around sleep or the lack thereof.

Posted by dichroic at May 9, 2001 11:31 AM
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