May 10, 2001

Self-destructing antiperspirant, pretzels, and the usual rowing

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Self-destructing antiperspirant, pretzels, and the usual rowing

Rowing today was mostly drills again (Mon/Tues=distance, Wed/Thur=drills, Fri=speed work) but today was sort of amusing. Picture me, all 5í1" and 118 pounds of me, in bow seat, with seven other people in the boat ranging from about 160 to about 220 pounds. No wonder my catches werenít great -- I wouldnít be surprised if I was actually sitting up in the air part of the time.

On the "making rowing more fun" request yesterday, I suspect a lot of people asked for more positive feedback, and to mix the stronger rowers in with everyone else, instead of always letting the 4 best of the guys go off in a quad. DI was clearly trying to be a bi more upbeat today, and T and his usual quad were in the eight with us (as opposed, say, to having a Menís Quad and a Mixed Four).

I should tell Phelps that there is one thing more frustrating than a Food Trudge: that would be not having time to do a Food Trudge, and having to put it, along with everythign else, off to the weekend. Because of having to go to bed so soon after getting home from work, it takes me two freakiní nights to do a couple loads of laundry. I was able to make a quick stop at the local drugstore to stock up on a couple of things I couldnít wait until the weekend to buy. One of these was antipersperant (yes, itís a necessity -- theyíre predicting a high of 105 again here today), which I had to replace after the old one self-destructed in my gym bag. The odd thing is that the lid was on, yet the tiny remaining bit of waxy white stuff was strewn across the front panel and in the pockets of the gym bag. Iím still not sure how it escaped. Antiperspirant and hair gel are the two hardest things to clean out of the crevices of your stuff.

The major disadvantage of going to the drugstore instead of the supermarket is that they donít carry much in the way of pretzels. I donít function well for long without pretzels. (They are one of the major food groups, right?) There are some other brands I like that seem to be sold only on the East Coast, but the best-tasting kind you can get out here are Snyders of Hanover Sourdough Hard Pretzels. If I quit keeping a box in my desk drawer, Iíd probably lose 5 pounds in a month. Luckily for me, Iím not trying to lose 5 pounds. Mmmmmmmmm.

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