May 11, 2001

wild weekend and a better way to travel

The weekend is approaching....yeee-haaa! Time for some serious dissipation. We may go to the gym or food-shopping tonight -- out of the house after work, that counts as dissipation, right?

Time also for all that stuff I canít eat before rowing. I might be really crazy tonight and have some (gasp) popcorn. I had greasy junk food for lunch today. And tomorrow, weíre going over T2 Hatfieldís to hang out and drink margaritas. Iím gonna have me a ("a" as in "one") drink! Only one, because I still have to coach at 7AM Sunday. Tequila and waking up early donít mix well for me. Hits me in the gut -- Iíll be glad in some future science-fictiony time when someone has figured out how to put bathrooms in our rowing shells. This will probably be after they put them in cars, which would also be nice.

Just imagine the 5-hour Phoenix to LA trip, say, when we get the cars SF writers have been telling us about for years. Hereís how I picture it:

==wavy fadeout here==

Dichroic and T load up the car and get in. While he programs the destination, she stacks up the CDs. They make a quick stop to pick up some friends, then settle in to the comfortable armchairs around a table, while the autopilot sets a course. The car battery has been charging overnight, and no fueling stop is needed. They draw the curtains -- the sunís a little too bright and theyíve seen this scenery too many times. One person reclines his seat and puts on a noise canceling headset and is soon asleep. Everyone else grabs a beer or a coke, and talks or reads. For while, two people play a video game. The trip is smooth enough (the car is hovering) that reading causes no queasiness.

After a while, Dichroic asks, "Anyone want some popcorn?" The answer is affirmative, and she tosses a bag in the microwave (yes, itís microwave popcorn and I prefer the real stuff, but you canít expect all the comforts of home on the road. An hour later, the beer has an effect on Dichroic - she says, "Scuse me" and worms into the tiny closet in back. She comes out in a minute, looks out the window, and says, "Weíre passing through Quartzite now -- about halfway there." She leans on T and falls asleep.

==fade back in== Of course, youíd have the option of manual control of the vehicle, off the major highways, and of looking outside when youíve got less boring scenery.

Doesnít that sound like a better way to travel?

Posted by dichroic at May 11, 2001 06:31 PM
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