May 12, 2001

Off to coach

Off to coaching, which should be fun, and a coaches’ meeting, which won’t. (Meetings != fun, almost by definition.) Then chores, then margaritas and fruit tarts. Even with the coaching job, I love weekends.

Later: no, the coaching meeting wasn’t fun. And I had a moment of sheer gutlessness when DI asked if we were still finding coaching fun. I replied. "Yes, the coaching is still fun." Naturally everyone’s next question was "So what isn’t fun then?" but I wriggled off with a lame comment about how waking up at 4 always sucks. After all, a large part of my discontent is that DI keeps making comments that make it sound like my rowing sucks. Though I don’t believe in that summation, the individual things he’s talking about are true (based on what I can tell and some feedback from T, who was coxing yesterday). And though DI could be a lot more helpful, the problems with my rowing are my own and not a fault of any other coaches. (Of course, then there are the other annoyances from DI, but I just didn’t feel like getting into them.)

Meanwhile, I am assembling strawberry-kiwi tarts to take over T2 Hatfield’s later on. Yum.

Posted by dichroic at May 12, 2001 07:31 AM
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