May 18, 2001

Ainít Got No

Rowing this morning left me with no lungs (we raced), meetings are leaving me with no time, and a jerk on the list I manage is leaving me with no patience.

Back later.

Itís later: I had sent a note to the list-jerk yesterday, asking him to moderate his tone. This is a guy who has a ton of obscure factual information, on a list that values that, but he frequently comes across as saying, essentially, "I know all and you know dick". This has recently been annoying even some of our calmest members. Yesterdayís note to him was as tactful as I could make it -- apparently too tactful, as he was worse than ever this morning and I had two new complaints about him. I sent messages to the complainers, telling them I had tried once to rein him in and would be doing so again.

The problem: I accidentally sent one of those to the whole list. Oooops. fortunately, it wasnít pejorative in tone, except that I did refer to him using the nickname by which heís known among his unfans. ("Laptop Lad", a reference to his .sig. Not too horrid, thank whatever gods patrol the Internet.)

However, my embarrassing blunder may have been fortuitous: he certainly has shaped up this afternoon!

I must say, this list was run quite a bit more professionally before Mechaieh retired, although at least the other 300+ members are too polite to tell me so.

Tonight weíre going to see Joey and Mariaís Comedy Italian Wedding, which is basically a big Italian wedding where the audience plays the guests. Iím told itís a lot more fun when the audience gets into the spirit of things. I may pass on the Electric Slide, however.

Posted by dichroic at May 18, 2001 11:31 AM
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