May 19, 2001

Joey and Mariaís wedding rowing classes

Joey and Mariaís Wedding was hilarious. Yosemite Sam was good in it as the priest and the Godfather but another of the rowers was even better in it, as the drunken bridesmaid Tina. She is on the extremely chesty side, and I was amazed she didnít pop out of her dress while reeling around. (Side digression: I was going to refer to her as RowerJew, as sheís been known to affect a More Jewish Than Thou attitude. However, I donít like to use a nom that could be interpreted as anti-Semitic, and I donít want to have to explain that Iím Jewish every time I refer to her. Maybe Iíll just call her Drunk Tina. Or maybe Iíll stop worrying about what people might think. Yeah, right, that will happen soon.)

All of the guys playing ushers were pretty funny and very alive, though I donít know any of them. That could change, as one of them asked one of the women (ExecuRower) with us for her phone number. We never did figure out if he was asking for real or as part of the show.

This morning was windy and rough out on the lake; we took the Intermendiates out in an eight and let them deal with it, which they did with gusto, if not with style. Itís good practice for them, both in just rowing in rougher water (which we always seem to get for regattas) and in trying not to let the extra challenge make them lose good form. It did, of course, but theyíre still new enough at this not to have consistently good form. Itís all good practice. We didnít let the beginners go out at all -- too rough for people who havennnít even done a full stroke yet. Instead, we worked with them on the ergs, and made them do calisthenics. We teach them the basic stroke on the erg before they ever go out on the water; I think itís valuable for them to try it again once they have some experience of being in a real boat. If I could have chosen, Iíd have given them one or two more days in the boat before doing this, though.

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