May 21, 2001

New blisters, no arugula

Rowing this morning was fun! There were 11 people present so Yosemite Sam decided to have us row an eight. (Actually, I think he was ticked that more people didnít show, but it is a Monday, after all. 4AM on a Monday morning is an ugly, ugly thing.) I offered to row a single so that one more person could row in the eight, and he happily took me up on it. For complicated reasons, Iím not technically rowing with the program when Iím in my (privately-owned) single, so I didnít get any coaching, but YSam did suggest I do the same workout as the rest of the class, 4x12 minutes at 60%, changing the rate every 4 minutes. YSam was also very careful to ask whether I needed help carrying my boat. Iím proud to say I carried it to and from the water myself (itís only 31 lbs, but a bit unwieldy at 29 feet long) but I did ask for help getting it on and off the rack -- too much risk of damaging my boat or someone elseís in the tight rack space.

Anyway, I had a very nice row all by myself in the sunrise on calm reflective water (except when the coahcing launch waked me). Of course, I was still working hard enough for this to not be the serene experience a lot of people expect rowing to be, and I have blisters on almost every finger to prove it.

We coached Beginner and Intermediate classes on both weekend days. Other than that, Saturday was mostly spent napping. On Sunday, I did some errands, including food-shopping. I ended up doing my shopping at the local high-end market, instead of my normal one, just because I was close to it. Even this one doesnít sell arugula, by the way, which is why I hate recipes containing it. They do have an impressive selection of sauces, salsa, and spice mixtures, and a decent wine aisle (at least, as far as my limited knowledge of wine can tell). I donít think itís much more expesive than a normal market if you buy normal stuff, and they did have all our regular brands, even though the selection of non-edibles was much smaller. The cost skyrockets, though, when Iím tempted to buy all the cool stuff my regualr market doesnít carry. They had the best selection from the Republic of Tea Iíve ever seen, so I indulged in a bit of that (their loose tea lasts forever, so the cost amortizes out) and some lemon-basil grilling sauce I was thinking of having over shrimp and pasta.

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